The Power of Delphi

One of my customers is working with Delphi for more than 20 years and he is now using the same codebase for an incredible number of project types. These types will show you how powerful Delphi is compared to other languages. The project types are: Win32 Vcl desktop application, Win64 Vcl desktop application, Win32 commandline application, Win64 commandline application, Win32 ISAPI application, Win64 ISAPI application, Win32 dll, Win64 dll, Win32 service, Win64 service, Win32 TMS XData webservice, Win64 TMS XData webservice, IntraWeb web application, FMX macOS desktop application, FMX Linux desktop application, TMS Web Core web application, TMS Web Core PWA application, TMS Web Core Electron application. Furthermore, several C++ dlls are imported. The whole code uses the same self-written RTL and ORM. The forms are platform specific.

I hope that this incredible number gives you an idea of the flexibility and power of the Delphi language.

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