TurboPower tpsfadmin Account

This week Nick Hodges moved the tpsfadmin account to my person.

That means that I’m currently the admin of the following old TurboPower projects: TurboPower Abbrevia, TurboPower Async Professional, TurboPower Async Professional CLX, TurboPower B-Tree Filer, TurboPower Essentials, TurboPower FlashFiler, TurboPower Internet Professional, TurboPower LockBox, TurboPower Object Professional, TurboPower OfficePartner, TurboPower ShellShock, TurboPower String Resource Manager, TurboPower SysTools, TurboPower SysTools for Kylix, TurboPower Visual PlanIt, TurboPower XML Partner.

As you can imagine I cannot maintain all these projects. That’s why if someone is interested to give me some help don’t hesitate to contact me.

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