Because of my post about the Switches I would like to mention some things about records. Records are are nice way to do things in an object-oriented way without the overhead of real objects. In the unit System.IOUtils you can find several examples of records.

Certainly you have to deal with some disadvantages:

  1. No inheritance. If you need inheritance then use objects.
  2. The constructor needs at least one argument. I guess it is because there is no need to create an instance of a “normal” record.
  3. No destructor. Records are destroyed automatically so that it is not possible to define a destructor.

For the point 1 there is nothing you can do but for the two other pints there is a workaround.

As you can see it is possible to define a class function for the constructor and a method for Free so so that you can use the record in the way you are used to.

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